Colin Mackay Interview: First challenger who came over to US from Austraria and turn pro

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One of my best friend Colin Mackay answered this interview.

Colin and I fisrt met at 1999 at X-Trails. GAMES. We became friends instantly.
Colin just came over from Austraria and gain the right to enter X-game because he won the last X-trails.
At that time he had no sponsors. But a few months later when I saw him on the TV.
He rode and wore Specialized bike and a Jerzy.
Later he rode for HUFFY then HARO and keep kicking ass.
I saw , hung out ,and rode with him pretty often, and we became pretty good friends.
I'm sure we will be still super good friends 20 or 30 years later.
I can't explain why but I feel it and believe it.

For people who don't know about Colin. Below is his lifestyle introduction at MTV.

Colin sent a lot of pictures for this interview.
So I hope you enjoy this interview.

Colin Mackay's Interview

Please introduce yourself. and what is you accoumplish as a BMX rider.

My name is Colin Mackay, I ride BMX for a living, with some part time photography on the side...
What I accomplish as a BMX rider is living in America for 10 years now, and traveling the world having so much fun with friends, I cant ask for more!

Colin Mackay mug shot

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I guess it is hard to come to US from OZ without any garantee back in
the day we 1st met at X-Trails. What made you so?

Honestly, I didnt plan on doing well, I was just a hungry kid all the way from Australia and my dream was to not come last place. If I got 2nd last I would be happy. I just didn't feel Pro. Its difficult being in your first Pro contest with all the big names around... that was 1999.

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Through your pro BMX rider carrer , I think you gained a lot of things(experience, skills, mindset, network, etc). Could you please tell me what you have gained through being a BMX pro rider in USA : Worldwide.

I think experience is the most I learnt, just Life Experiences. Seeing different stuff that happens that I could not see in Australia. Seeing differant cultures. And appreciating the Country I'm from. Its really been one big holiday. Pretty soon Ill be moving to California to experience more of the business of BMX as Ill be pretty close to Haro.

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What do you do besides riding?

I guess I shoot photo's for Ryan Guettler mostly, he always needs adds shot and Im glad I can be here to shoot with him.

Ryan Guttler Shot by Colin

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What made you start doing it? Also start learning it. How did you learnt it? By yourself or went to school?

I got lucky with photography, My wife needed a small photography kit for School and I ended up taking it with me riding and getting hooked on it. She had books so I learnt how to shoot manually. I don't think I would have got into it without Digital though, Im real impatient! I need to see results! One good thing that happened is actually not that good, but I broke my leg riding, and was in a cast for a month. I studied really hard and took my photography to another level. I guess once you understand the setting's you can do whatever you want...

Ryan Gutller's ad shot

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You learn photography by yourself. I think it is not an easy thing. You need a strong motivation to keep doing it. What made you mentally strong?

Just the challenge really, one day I just wanted to figure it out, how does it work? How did they shoot that pic? I wanted to learn the answers. I studied. My motivation was a subscription to Transworld Skateboarding. Seeing the shots in there gave me a level to strive for. Im still striving!

Ryan Gutller

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Please tell me how and when your skills start to make some income.

Well I guess Im really lucky to have to right people around me. I was really thrown into it because and I learn't from each job and from my mistakes. My first check was in 2005 from a SE bikes add of Ryan Guettler.

Ryan Gutller's tailwhip

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What do you think is the key point of that.(ex: living close to other pros, have an unique view as rider, etc)

Yeah having the right people around, being pushed on a level were I felt I wasn't really professional, but I had to produce professional images. I still have a lot to learn... you have to be passionate about what your into, its not a job for me its a hobby. I want to do the best I can.

Colin's no-hand

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What do you see yourself 5 years from now.

Id like to be shooting more full time, and riding still. Time will tell...

Colin boosting

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shoe-g(me) doing flair shot by Colin
BMX 植山周志 フレア

My Impression

Colin as an athelete
When I enter contests with Colin. I feel a strong concentration and energy.
I think you need such a strong energy and concentration to servive as a pro rider.
I do have a strong energy and concentration at contests but contests in US.
I feel you need more power.
Because there're too many riders who has strong will and energy.
To servive in that severe world you need a super strong mental power, physical power, and challenge sprit.

Colin as a camera man
Colin is very deligent and a well prepared man when he shoot photo.
Colin took me to shoot couple Gutller's photos.
Before he left home, he cleaned the CCD of his camera for like 30min.
Then he brought tons of equipments and shot awesome photos.
Colin is a very deligent man and I think that is wonderful.

Colin as a friend
As I wrote in the beginning of this interiew. I will be friends with Colin when I will be 50,60 years old.
He is more than a bike friend but a soul mate.
I'm very happy to have such a good friend.
Colin is wonderful as a man also I'm sure he will continue his challenge in his life.

Colin shot my jump