Ed Koenning Interview: Former pro rider is a wonderful family man

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This interview might be a bit diffrent from others.
Ed Koenning was a pro rider.
I used to see him on magazines & videos from Japan.
Now he is lovely father and rides a bike for fun. We allways ride bike for fun don't we?
It is an honor for me to do his interview.

Ed Koenning and I

Around 1994 & 1995 I watched a lot of riders through video magazines.
Ed Koenning was one of them.
At that time he was one of the top riders.
Ofter appears on magazines and videos.
I first directly met him when I first attend a contest in America and we became friends.
After 15years later we met again online via Twitter.
I asked him for this interview and he said yes right away.

Ed Koenning 's core riding style is street.
You can watch him ride from below.


Ed Koenning Interview

Please introduce yourself and tell us what you have accoumplished with BMX and when you were riding as a pro.

Ed Koenning, father, husband, bike rider. I have had a wonderful run as a pro bike rider. Made a ton of good friends, traveled to so many cool places, made a little money. Not bad for riding a little kids bike.


I've seen you a lot in BMX mags and Videos like RideBMX & Props.Back in the day could you please tell me how you felt being a pro rider.

I never really thought about it that much. I can still remember the first time I was given a frame and how happy I was that I was doing something that was getting noticed. Made me fell so good. Or going to my first big contest and having other riders like Jay Miron coming up to me and telling me he saw Trash and he loved my part. Best feeling ever. All because I was riding my bike doing what I loved. I knew of nothing else at the time, just riding my bike, it was(and still is) my obsession.


When you stop riding as a pro and what made you move to the next step?

As the shows and contest started to become fewer and the injuries became more and more, I kinda backed off for awhile, and returned to my roots of street riding. I wanted to make a bigger push to try and get paid just to ride street, but at the time it was not in the cards. So with the usual bills piling up I made a choice to get back into the automtive idustry full time.


What do you do now? Please explain about your specialiteis.

I work for Ford Motor Co. Actually Red McCombs Form here in San Antonio. Great place, he is a great guy to work for. Great organization. 8 years and going for me, they have been around for 50 or more years.

1994 at Rampage

Could you please tell me about your present lifestyle categorized inBMX and non-BMX life.

-BMX Life
Well I try and get out to the trails as much as i can. I seem to ride my 26" bmx cruiser and ton now-a-days. Really fun getting out on that thing.

-Non-BMX Life
If I could have it my way I would want to spend all my time with my family. Jonas and Monique are why I do what I do. I really enjoy cooking for my family. I am a bar-b-q lover. Imagine that? Someone in Texas loving bar-b-q. I enjoy grilling and smoking differant style of foods.

94 or 95

I know you have a wonderful family now. I guess you recieve wonderful things in your life through your family. Any changes by having a family?

Just differant hours. I sleep less, get up aroung 5:45am, go to bed around 1am.


In your present lifestyle , does BMX provide some influences? If yes please tell me 5 good influences and 5 bad(not good) influences. If 5 is not enough or too much please adjust the numbers.

BMX has had such a broad effect on me. From the knowledge of metals and welding, to working in bike shops since I was 15 years old, it has had such a good effect. The slacker side took awile to get out of me, but I adjusted well.

Around 95 to 96. Contest at Scrap@Chicago.

What do you see yourself 5 years later?

Very happy, riding down the steet with with my son to the trails and riding all day. Having a cold Shiner Bock and loving life.


Any messages for kids who rides BMX & who are aiming to be a pro rider.

Just treat every rider with respect. And give a little time and effort to the younger riders.



My Impression

Ed was on the stage as a pro rider.
But since the BMX industry went down and his injury made him see the real life.
Then he start to work for a automobile company.
I imagine that was he step up timing.
He brought what he gained from BMX(mental strenght , attitudes) to his job
At the same to he get to correct slacker habits.
That made him grow and now he raise a family.

The passion and love he learnt from BMX is now pour into his family.
But BMX doesn't fade away from his life.
I think it is wonderful to step up and become a Dad after a pro rider.

Ed ,Sandy Carson and Joe Rich


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